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New roommate wants to splice in...

1072 Views 7 Replies 8 Participants Last post by  Hilde my internet connection. Is there any foreseeable problems with this? Spam, slowing down, access to my computer, etc.?
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Get a wi-fi hub so you can share and ask him/her for half of internet bills :)
Using a router? Turn network sharing off so your files won't be shared with other devices on the network. Your computer won't slow down, unless he/she is a bandwidth hog.

If you want a router for cheap, I'd check out woot until you find a deal: I bought a Wireless N Netgear router for my cousin a few days ago for 23$.
if someone knows what there doing they deffinatly can get to your comp but unlikely if its a roommate someone semi trustworthy. but slowing down yes it can an will happen.
Depends on how much your roommate uses the internet. My coworker complains at work due to her roommate exceeding the bandwidth limit every so often, so that may become an issue.

A 6 mbps is usually good enough for most people; I like downloading my stuff in 720p, so while I make do with a 6 mbps line, my bandwidth cap is at 105 GB (and still not enough!)
I have 3 computers running on a 6mbps wireless modem/router. No problems
If you have a decent router with bandwidth control restrict your roommate's max speed so it doesn't cause a noticeable slow down for you. Of course your roommate better foot half the bill. my internet connection. slowing down, access to my computer, etc.?
May slow it down. One time I had connected 2 cables using a connector that had 3 outlets. This was to move the computer 2 rooms from the outlet. It slowed it down.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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