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New Project!

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Hi everyone!
I finally started my first planted tank!The picture quality isn't the best. It is a Current Solo 5 gal desktop tank, the filter and lights came with set and I actually am really liking the setup so far, the current might be a bit strong though. I also added a heater (marine land 50W).

The substrate is fluorite capped with a black sand, I just added the plants yesterday, gonna cycle/ wait for the wood to be waterlogged before I add any fish.

Current inhabitants:
2 Mystery snails (1 white, 1 black)
Italian Val (don't know the sci name)
Anubias Nana
A moss ball
Some sort of chain sword from my friends tank
Also, the wood is still somewhat buoyant, so the mug is weighing it down

This is my first attempt at a planted tank so any comments or advice is more than welcome!:smile2:

Thank you!


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Thanks! The picture makes it seem a bit darker, and the mug doesn't help. Im still messing with all the light settings though, the remote has way too many buttons!

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So the wood finally waterlogged! One of my mystery snails didn't make it (the poor guy had been through a lot already) but the white one is all over the place!
I got some horned nerite snails to try and keep my val cleaner, we'll see how these little guys do. Also moved my plants around a bit once I got the mug out! Will post a picture when I get a good one!
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