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new plants & trimming

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I was just wondering what is best when planting new plants. Should I just leave them and let them start to grow and get acclimated before the First trim, or should I trim them in order to encourage new growth? If there are any other pros/cons about either, please let me know. Thanks.
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I think it all depends on what plants you are planning to plant in your tank and how you want them to look/grow.

IMO most stem plants only need a little off the bottom and the roots trimmed if any.

I have Ludwigia Peruensis and it grew vertical very fast with out trimming the tops off to start. Once I trimmed it it started growing new leaves (next to the old) and 1-3 new stems/plants near the top where I trimmed it.

All in all it depends how you want it to look. But I guess sooner or later you will have to trim and a certain look will have to be tolerated to a point.

Hope that helps :)
Im going for bushy plants....I have stems like bacopa, rotala rotundafolia, and ludwigia. should I trim the top off a bit (I dont wanna dig them up, trim the bottom, and replant lol). Or do you think it would be better just to leave them be and then grow first?
I don't blame you lol

Me personally I would let them grow first.

What I did was trim one of them and see how it grows. So you could do that and experiment with it.
I let them grow a bit first, so they can establish a good root system. Not sure if it's necessary or not, just what I do.
That's what sounded logical to me so I guess that's what Ill do. thanks, check out my journal and you can see how it turns out lol.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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