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New Plants Melting

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Hey everyone,

New to planted tanks but not freshwater/saltwater tanks. I set up a new planted tank over the weekend, it's got pressurized CO2, 36 watts of light (that are currently on 6 hours a day), ADA Aqua Soil, 76 degrees ... not sure what my pH is but I can test it, it should be around 6.5 ...

Anyhow half of the new plants I got are melting. The moss is thriving and growing so fast I'm not sure what to do with it and so far my Dwarf Baby Tears are doing well too. It's specifically what I believe to be Sagittaria.

Now what do I do? Should I trim away the dead leaves, pull the plants? Are they simply adjusting to new water parameters? I'm planning on picking up some other plants tonight and do not want to manage to kill them right off the bat.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Sorry for the newbie questions.
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the leaves wont repair themselves so as long as you arent going to remove too many of them, just remove them. if you cut too much off the plant will prob die.
Pretty typical for Sags to drop their leaves of melt if they get moved. Especailly if they got shipped or got cold. No worries, they bounce back well.
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