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Just made the 45 min drive to my new favorite LFS and picked up a bunch of new plants. I asked for 3 of the dwarf sag and they really hooked me up as you can see from the picture. I also got some red tiger lotus which I think looks pretty sweet and will hopefully add some height/flower eventually. I got everything in the next two pictures for just under $25 with tax. I think it was a pretty sweet deal!

I also really wanted to pick up a large sword to fill in one corner, as well as another foreground plant.

Here's a couple shots after planting: The first one is from eye level and the second is seated.

Seeing the pictures really makes me want to paint that spray bar black. Hmmm. Here's a picture of the lovely couple checking out the new landscaping.

Does anyone know the name of the plant in the previous picture? I picked it up because I thought it looked nice but I have no idea what it is. Also, any opinions on the rocks? I got them from the beach because I thought they looked cool, but I'm not sure how well they mesh with the freshwater scape. More pics:

And finally, this is supposed to be my "breeding rock" for the rams, but does anyone know the name of the plant in the front left?

Thanks for looking and any feedback is appreciated! This is my first >10g planted tank and I've just being going by the seat of my pants as far as plant choices and aquascaping goes. BTW, I left the algae on the back glass for the ottos and snails, but the plants seem pretty algae free so far. The driftwood started with the weird snot-like fungus and then progressed to the brown stuff. It just stays on the wood and the fish seem to like eating it so I haven't bothered trying to clean it off.
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