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Hi merrily! I can answer a few of Your questions(other members correct me if wrong)
Please excuse any capitalization or punctuation errors as I'm posting from my phone.

1) The light fixture you have is enough to support your plants, although The grass may not carpet very well. I use 2 of the same type fixture (led plus) for my 45g betta sorority. It is also worth noting if You are not aware the yellow setting is the best for your plants.
4) from what i understand using any products to adjust your ph is bad for the tank as a whole, there are plenty of less stressfull ways to lower ph. If the log you put in is real driftwood and has not been soaked it will release tanins that will lower your ph.
5) Judging by what you stated i do not think your tank is cycled it has only been set up for a week and you most likely only started the cycling process after adding the fish. IMHO i would wait a bit to add more fish and changing the filter will most likely not effect the cycle much, but i wouldnt wait to change the filter if you are planning on it.
6) nitrates are the end result of the bacterial process and the plants consume it however you should have a higher nitrate reading if your tank is cycled IMO.
Edit: I did not see goodbytes post before posting my own
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