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Hi, I am new to planted aqariums, and new to freshwater in general! As I started browsing this forums, I became obsessed with planted aquariums and decided to make one myself. So here goes nothing, Its been around 2 weeks since this tank has been setup.

48 inch x 18 inch x 18 inch
with cabinet

Lace fern
Amazon swords
Different kind of anubias on the golden vine
Fontinalis (Willow moss) on the golden vine

10 Cardinal tetras
10 Rasboras

Eheim 2215 with media

1 x 10k (54w) - ch brand
1 x Aqua Medic Aqualine t5 plant grow (54w)

250w Eheim jager


Very Large Golden Vine with 4 types of anubias + fontinalis and lace fern


Day 1 - Filling in water and starting off

1-2 Weeks Later:

The whole tank

Fontinalis on Golden Vine

Anubias nana on Golden Vine

Another 2 types of anubias on Golden Vine

Thats all for now
Please tell me if there is anything else I can do to make it look better
Or if I am doing anything wrong, as I am just a newbie and this is my first freshwater tank!

Also the yellow stones / rocks are just kept to hold the golden vine down, as it hasnt sunk yet, hopefully it will sink soon! It would look much better without it

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Thankyou heaps for the feedback!
Yeah I love the wood! the lady who sold it to me, attached 2 different wood together, thats why its different colour, makes it a bit more natural. Got it for a great price aswell!
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