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Hey guys, its been a while since I've been on here and longer since I've set up a new tank.

I am redoing one of my 10 gallon tanks and I was curious what I could keep in it. I want to keep shrimp, however, they aren't anything spectacular, just some RCS. they are already in the tank (just took some from my 5 gal.) and I was hoping to find a fish that wont eat them. a few here and there is no biggy but I like the activities of shrimp more than fish especially when they are densely populated.

I really like Gertrudae rainbows but I am having a hard time seeing how big they get. Will they eat the shrimp and how many could I keep?

What are some other suggestions? (Please stay away from common livebearers, I've had my fill) Tetras are sometimes a little too picky for me but I may try them if they are suggested enough.

thanks for your help guys. I can post pics if it helps at all.

P.S. sorry for missing punctuation, in class on a tablet =P

EDIT: if anyone can even suggest another thread that would be great. I searched and couldn't find anything that fit this situation. Lots of shrimp friendly threads but none in tanks this size.
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