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new pic of 58 gal

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this is the latest pic of my tank.plants that I have in it are
purple cabomba,broad leaf ludwigia,2 black swords,amazon swords,aquarium lily,apongentum,ozelot sword,hygro corymbosa.Fish inhabitants are a black marbled angel,bala shark,leopard plec,clown plec,2 sae,1 cae,10 diamond tetra,10 glolight tetra,2 neon tetra {angel ate most of them] 5 marbled hatchets,a million malaysion trumpet snails,2 apple snails a spotted and a striped raph,11 asstd cory cats .BTW I know its overstocked,but its definetly a healthy tank.Comments welcome.
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Looks like great plant growth, but I'm not a fan of the scape. The focus point is obviously the stumpy looking piece of driftwood, but you don't want to put your focus point dead center. It makes it look artificial.

It is a bit overstocked, but the only fish I take issue with is the bala shark. Those grow pretty large, much too big for a 58. Most of those fish are pretty small and shouldn't be too much of a bioload.
yeah I hear that alot about bala sharks,its almost a mantra chant.Mine is quite well adjusted .He really likes hanging out in the weeds looking for leftovers.
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