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New on CRS, weird water test. Need help

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Hi all,
I'm new to this forum and just started my journey on the harder CRS. I had an established 30 litres planted tank in which houses 4 x RCS, 2 x Otocinclus Catfish, ?? x RCS fry, 5 x Neon Tetras. Since the tank is stable and all the tank residents are doing well, I decided to try on RCS. I bought 6 shrimps from a nice and informative private breeder today. After a long chat with him, I decided to test my tap water gH and kH which I didn't really pay attention to for a long time. I always assume that I had average gH and kH value based a conversation with local aquarium store owner long time ago.
I did the test while dripping water to acclimate the CRS. To my supprise the gH and kH came back zero according to the store I did my test on. It seems weird to me but the store people say that it is normal for Melbourne, Australia water.
After going home I add gH buffer to my tank to raise the gH to ~ 4 gH.
I added the CRS to the tank already. All 6 of them seem active and doing well for the last 4 hours.
My question is do the test result seem reasonable? Or do I need to test it again else where?
Is just gH buffer enough? From what I know, CRS doing fine with kH 0???
My tap water pH always at 7
Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrite 0 ppm
Nitrate is well controlled by plants ~ 10 ppm
I dose Exel everyday and Seachem Flousrish every other day based on recommended dose in the instruction.
Macro being added once every week after 30% water change and all my plants doing well
Light on 8 hours everyday (4 hours on, 2 off then 4 on)
Co2 1 bubble per 2 seconds (pH test before CO2 turned off is around 6.5 to 6.8)
Any suggestions are appreciated since I'm new to CRS and really want to take care of them well. They are the whole reason I started on aquarium shrimps actually
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Sorry just to sidetrack abit. Neon tetras and shrimps doesn't sound good together to me.
IMO Neons are small, but tetras are hunters.
Neon tetras are very small and peaceful fish. I've got 5 living with my RCS for a long time and they get along well. Now with addition of CRS, it seems ok so far.
The adults will be fine, but U might just want to be careful with the baby shrimps. RCS reproduces fast so some casualties may not hurt the numbers but CRS is slower in breeding hence it's may be a risk to have a baby crs with fishes, unless you are not really into breeding then its fine.
Just IMO. :)
shrimp to neo equals food. Some expesive food you would be feeding them. Like I mentioned in threads before. You could live in the jungle with lions all around you, but it would be short lived and one day you become food. If you have kids they would be come food much faster. My torment the shrimp, they will be getting attached and having to hide from the preditors.
"shrimp to neo equals food."

Shrimp to fish, no?
thanhh, you said ,"Any suggestions are appreciated since I'm new to CRS and really want to take care of them well. They are the whole reason I started on aquarium shrimps actually"....

As some have previously stated, focus on shrimp and shrimp only. There is so much information here on how to maintain them. Good luck and welcome to the shrimp world.
Thanks a lot for all your sugestions. I'm gonna move the CRS to a new tank which gonna just house them and 1 Otocinclus catfish.
In this current tank, I've got kinda like a jungle of mini bolbitis that act like a shrimp fry sanctuary. I have successfully breed RCS with ok survival rate living with neons. The reason CRS is in this tank is because I'm currenly dry start another tank for CRS and gonna move them to this new tank with more open space to viewing the shrimps.
My concern right now is I've got water with pH 7, 0 kH and 0 gH. I really wanna know how to safely increase gH to 4, kH to 2 while lower pH to 6.5 at the same time.
You need something like ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia to keep the pH low.

other water parameters seem fine to me.

CRS like low temp 24 degree C as well.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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