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New Neon Tetra’s died within a week and a half

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I have a 10 gallon tank that has been running since February 2020. We started out with 2 Leopard Guppy males. They have been our sole inhabitants for all this time. I am diligent with water testing and changes. All levels are standard and the tank has been very healthy. Temp and chemistry was all standard through the below described incident, no fluctuations or changes.

I decided to add 4 Neon Tetra per the request of my son. I went to a LFS that sells fresh and saltwater fish, they have been around since 2015. I choose this store in hopes for quality fish and to support local business.

So a week and a half ago I bought 4 Neon Tetra’s, 2 cherry shrimp, and a Java Fern. Once home we did about a 1 hour acclimation slowly adding tank water every 15 minutes. Then we netted the fish out and released into the tank. Within 6 hours one of the Neon’s had died. The next morning a second Neon died. Although the policy of the store is final sale on all livestock, I emailed them to explain what occurred. They stated that the fish were perhaps stressed from being received and then a tank change shortly thereafter. They agreed to replace the fish. I went back to the store 4 days later to give the fish in the store a chance to settle. I brought home the 2 new Neons and proceeded with the same acclimation process mentioned above. One of the Neon’s died within 2 hours of introduction. Two days later all three Neon’s had a few white dot’s one their fins. The next morning the dots quadrupled. At this point I felt this was for sure Ich and not just stress. So I moved the shrimp and the plant to a separate tank and started treating the display tank with Metroplex. The next day I added Fritz Copper safe. Three days later and a small improvement in white dots 2 of the Neon’s died and the last one has now stopped eating.

I am worried about my guppies because I do not want them to die. So far they look ok. But the reason I write this post is to share my frustration. Am I alone here? Should I be upset with the fish store? Was it just a bad fish choice? I have read about Neon’s being more sensitive due to inbreeding. What can I do to prevent this in the future? Am I always going to lose fish to Ich? Maybe it wasn’t ich.

Thanks for your input.
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