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New Nano

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This is 1 of two nano's I am setting up.
I had one this size a wile back but as you can imagine they are quite fragile and I managed to break the last one.

The second one will be even smaller.
I am still looking for some more appropriately sized plants or ferns that will fit better to the small size.
I also have a few pieces of wood that will be going into this as soon as they are sterilized.

The fish is a Dwarf Scarlet Badis , there is also a Pink Ramshorn snail in there.

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im sorry but that is wayy to small for that badis :(
I hope the Badis was there just for the picture. When removing the badis you will destroy the scape but so what as long as the fish goes to a peroper home. Even too small for shrimp.
That's funny...I almost sent you a nasty email when I ran across that picture while surfing your site.

I can't believe you're showing off keeping a live fish inside a lightbulb. This is a new low.
Hopefully it's just a joke! Not here to bad mouth or pass judgement but that's just wrong! :(
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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