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Hello all,

I wanted to document my first nano. Tank is a 1.5G. It's the umbra fish hotel that was given to me as a gift. No way I'm putting a betta in there. Lol

For substrate I went with Tahitian moon sand and a piece of driftwood. I cut the drift wood into two and then I saw, they look like old trees. Love it!

Light is a finnex stingray clip light.
I also added an elite filter. I was thinking maybe some RCS in there. But if I don't, I like the current it provides, after a few mods.

As far as plants;

Proserpinaca Palustris - background
Ranunculus Papulentus - around trees
Fissiden Fontanus - tree moss
HC (dwarf baby tears)

Everything except the Fissiden will be here tomorrow or Friday. I couldn't find the Fissiden that wasn't attached to a matt. I have Java moss at my disposal, but it creates a mess, they should call it cigarette butts, because it's everywhere, when it's not supposed to be.

This tank will be low tech, no C02. Some say big no no with baby tears. Some say it will grow slow and live. I'm not looking to carpet it. When you look into a forest, you might see clumps of grass, not perfect Wrigley Field grass.

I plan on dosing flourish and excel and see if I need any others, I.e. Iron, etc.

Join me on my journey down the rabbit hole.

Wood Trunk Twig Art Gas

Wood Art Gas Seafood Fish

And this is a work tank
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