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Need some help with my low tech nano. It's been up and running for about 4/5 months. It's a 1.5G, running a finnex stingray led clip light rated at 4W. It has a mini elite filter with good circulation in the tank.

Substrate is Tahitian moon sand, 2 pieces of drift wood

Plants are;

Ranunculus Papulentus - seem to be doing extremely well. Sprouting new stems and leaves all the time.

Java moss - around the trees

There's one patch of HC- seems to be spreading laterally just not very quick, most of it melted. It was an experiment to see if I could do it in a low tech.

Mermaid weed - currently only one stem. Doesn't seem to be growing but it's not melting either.

I dose excel daily and flourish twice a week. 50% WC once every seven days.

Last time I tested water;

0 ammonia
0 nitrite
10 nitrates

As you can tell I'm losing the battle with algae. It's seems to be green spot or that green algae that loves glass. Somethings out of whack but I don't know what. I've decreased the photo period to only 6 hours. Maybe the light is just too strong? First planted tank for me. I read somewhere that this green algae, your just suppose to it it runs its course for about 3 weeks.

Any help is greatly appreciated;


Wood Organism Water Pet supply Aquatic plant

Light Plant Leaf World Branch

Water Plant Green Pet supply Organism


Plant Water Vertebrate Botany Organism

Water Vertebrate Light Fluid Pet supply

Water Green Fluid Pet supply Plant

The last pics are after missing about 5 days of excel. I got sent out of town for work.
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