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New Nano Tank - Lighting question

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I have changed plans. I have a 30 gallon 36 x 12 x 16 deep tank I am going to use. I have about 4 inches of ecocomplete and a fine gravel cap. I will does ferts weekly. I have an extra 48 inch T5NO coral life dual aqualight that I was thinking of using? It is a little long, which I don't mind and 56 watts. Of which about 1/4th would be outside the tank, so about 36 watts approximately. Does anyone think this would work for a low light, non-CO2 tank. If not, any specific lighting ideas for this tank?

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I am planning on using an Innovative Marine Nano 16 tank for a low tech planted nano tank. This will be my first low tech set up. I am used to high tech set up with CO2, lots of light and ferts. I have some scarlet badis, CPDs, rasboras, pygmy cory and shrimp that I wanted to set up in this tank. I am using eco-complete substrate and already have the plants.

The tank can be purchased with 10K LED lights that have good par and tank coverage, or without. Since I have always used 6.5K I am not sure if the 10K will work in a low tech tank, or if I should consider buying the tank sans lights and getting a different light. I see some people on the forum have had some luck using this light. I am not expecting fast growth in a low tech tank, but I do want the plants to be happy.

Any suggestions on the lighting would be appreciated.