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New nano 17L, need ideas!

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Hi all,

After about a 3 year hiatus I'm back to the planted hobby and very excited (and temporarily broke....!)

I recently got a betta for my desk but after two days of watching him sit in a small 1g bowl, I felt bad for the guy and upgraded him. Someone was selling a nano tank with filter, lights and heater for $50 so I figured it was a steal. It was in perfect condition.

The pictures show him with plants (which are very much fake) but I had to chuck in something till I figured out actual plants so he had somewhere to hide. There is a piece of driftwood with a beautiful anubias growing on it that will likely be the centrepiece (see second picture). The gravel is just a temporary thing, I do NOT plan on having that in there long term.

My final goal is to have a nice place for my crowntail betta (Ernie) and was going to trial him with a few shrimp, cherry at first but maybe ghost, depends on what the LFS has at the time

Aqua One Executive 25 - 17L all glass
Aqua One 100 HOB filter (will replace with filter floss and bio balls)
Marina Submersible C17 heater
Aqua One 9W PL light

This will be a relatively low tech tank, not planning on having an HC carpet or anything.

Thinking of getting Fluval Ebi strata, thoughts? How much will I need?

Currently have one huge anubias nana tied to driftwood. Was thinking of getting some java moss tied to some rocks? Maybe some java fern for the background?
I just bought the HOB filter and it's going well so probably won't switch to an internal yet

At the end of the day I'd like something thats nice to look at on my desk but won't bankrupt me.

As always, your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

With fake plants for cover

This is the anubias plant with driftwood, sorry couldn't get a better pic but this shows the size relative to the tank