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new member - wanted 'the_deeb' to read this

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Read your 1/12/11 "methods of waterproofing a plywood tank"

I liked it and found it very informative!

I've been researching if I should use a liquid rubber to re-line the inside of my 80 gallon bubble tank. It's set in a tall cabinet and the original rubber lining has become somewhat brittle and developed a crack requiring me to empty the tank.

The frame is plywood. In your information you describe the use of liquid rubber. So far, my research leads me to feel this would be a very good way for me to go. What is your thought about sealing a plywood tank with this product now?
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Wooo weee, talk about a resurrect post! That was 6 years ago. Liquid rubber is the cheaper method, but I don't recommend it personally. Times have changed and epoxy is cheaper than it use to be and is much easier to seal to than rubber. It is a better product overall, from what I've seen. There are several brands depending on your price range. So take a look into that! The price difference on a 80g is negligible for the two products now days.
yeah...that post was a long time time ago...I'll check into your option to use an epoxy. Have you sealed/lined a plywood tank with this type of product? These pictures show the project that I have. Thanks for your thoughts...


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