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Hey everyone!
I started up my aquarium about a month and a half ago (fish in cycle- used TSS).

Current parameters for the tank are:
65 Gallon
Ammonia- 0...0.25
Nitrite- 0
Nitrate- 10
Temperature- 76 degrees

Some silk plants and 2 el nino fern
Penn Plex Castle and cave

Current Stock:
4 Swordtails
3 Dalmation Mollies
1 Gold Dust Molly
5 Bloodfin tetras

My questions are:
1) I am cycled...right?
2) Suggestions for more fish - - not looking for bottom feeders at this time -- might go for otto when/if algae appears. I was looking at rainbow fish (maybe not due to size and they school), angelfish (most likely just one, but would like to add another one maybe later if there is still room) or some type of gourami. Looking for color and larger than 2.5 inches

Thank you in advance!!!

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If you are still seeing ammonia at all, then you are still cycling. Do frequent water changes until ammonia and nitrite stay at 0 and nitrate starts showing up, then move to a normal water change schedule that keeps nitrate at safe levels.

Adding more live plants will help with nitrate maintence, as el nino fern grows very slow and won't take much from the water column. Sword plants are cheap, easy and will grow in normal lighting, and they are much heavier feeders. Anacharis floated in the tank is another good option that won't cost much or require much to maintain. (Or you can go the route many of us did, and plant like crazy...I've never regretted going full planted, and my fish love it too!)

Once you get done cycling, I'd double the tetras school. They like big groups, and you have room in a 65. Gouramis are a good fish, as are rainbows. Dwarf cichlids are a ton of fun, packing personality that you will never see in schooling fish (kribs, apistos, and bolivian ram should work, but unless you are really on top of maintenance and bump up the temp, german rams may not do as well in your tank).

If you do angels, keep only one or two unless you can be sure all are same sex. Mine started breeding after a few months, and they get crazy protective of their eggs. I had to rehome the other angel I had because as soon as they paired, they began harassing him until he couldn't even eat. Also, make sure you add angels last, and get young ones, as any tetra that can fit in their mouth will most likely become dinner, so you want your bloodfins to have grown too big to try and swallow since angels grow quickly. As long as the angels can't fit anyone in their mouths though, they are beautiful, intelligent fish that learn to recognize you and will come right up front when you are in the room. Mine are some of my favorite fish in my 60g community tank.
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