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New member (quick) intro.

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Hi all,

I'm new here, and figured I'd post a quick intro. I've been in the aquarium hobby since I was a little kid, and spent a number of years in the retail and wholesale industry. My current focus is South American cichlids, mainly Apistogramma (currently about 20 species),but I've kept and bred all sorts of freshwater fish over the years. I keep hardy plants that tolerate my focus on fish, but I do have a couple of low-tech planted tanks running.

I look forward to learning from everyone here. :)
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Welcome and don't worry, we will have you spending all of your hard earned cash in no time at all.
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lol @Turningdizzy is right though, your money on this forum will make you realize either your missing or your in "need" (really u just want it :p) of something! say goodbye savings and retirement! xD also did I mention, welcome 2 the forums!
Welcome! I've been a fan of Apisto's as well. I just picked up 10 apistos at a local society auction.
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