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Hello everyone!
quick introductions to my tank build

UNS 60U rimless (20 gallons)
UNS Delta 60 with AquaVitro steel lily pipes
UNS Delta mini skimmer
Fluval plant 3.0 light
UNS mini duel stage Co2 regulator
Tippman paintball co2 tank
Aquario NEO diffuser

UNS control soil (fine black)
ADA powersand (advanced-S)
Basic crushed lava stone
Basic aquarium sand
Seiryu stone
UNS Strata (type 1)

Staurogyne Repens
Monte carlo
Pink flamingo cryptocoryne
Ashy pipewort
Alternanthera reineckii Mini
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Ludwigia aruata (needle leaf)

2 Amano shrimp
5 Otocinclus

I’m relatively new to such a robust build with Co2 injection and have a lot of questions. Feedback and opinions are welcomed.


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Are you considering a small centerpiece fish? If so I keep thinking how cool a scarlet baldis pair would look in that tank... 😁
I have another tank with a small group of celestial pearl danios. When I feel the plants are lush enough for them to hide in, I’ll go ahead and put them in there 😋

although, knowing they are really reclusive and shy fish and for the most part only come out during feeding. I really wish I could get them to be LESS shy because the males have beautiful and brilliant color to them..

I wanted to keep only three species in this tank, but maybe I’ll consider adding a odd ball or two to add some activity. I’ve never seen scarlet baldis in any of my local fish stores. I agree, they look amazing!
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