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Hi, everyone,

Just signed up to the forum after browsing/lurking quite a bit while setting up my first planted tank recently.

I've kept fish on and off since college 25 years ago, but not until recently did I really get "into" fish and start researching the various related learning opportunities such as compatibility of species, schooling and/or shoaling fish, water chemistry, substrates and finally lighting and plants after becoming fed up with the look of "plastic".

Currently, I have a 20H tank set up with a Fluval C3 HOB filter, pool filter sand substrate and a pair of 8.5" clamp lights with 9 watt 6500K CFLs sitting directly on the Versa-Top. No CO2 and just some root tabs for ferts at the moment. Plants are a mix of the usual noob easy ones - Crypts, Ferns and Anubias with a few swords (Melon, Ruffle and Dwarf Amazon) and a Dwarf Sag.

Stocking is a small fleet of corys, a BN pleco and a pair of non-breeding guppies that have defied many obstacles in life. The corys are what led me to the sand substrate and away from gravel and once I had the sand I thought why not plant it?

I do have some various supplements on the way (Flourish, Leaf Zone and some Flourish tabs) to start with and see where it goes. So far, so good. I realize I'm running only 18 watts, but from the PAR/CFL info I've read here, the clamp light reflectors are extremely efficient in converting CFL lumens into PAR. I have some 13 watt 6500K bulbs as well, in case I need to up the lighting, but my goal is to keep it low-tech. The fish definitely love all the plants and I'll always see the corys hanging out in the "shade" under various leaves.

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