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New member from South Africa

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I have been trolling this site for quite some time now and feel the time is right to introduce myself. I'm Pierre and I life in Pretoria, South Africa. I'm into fish keeping for about 5 years now and MTS has struck me very hard. We just moved into a new place where I'm able to set-up my own fish room. I currently have the following tanks: 1 x 4ft (about 380l including sump), 3ft (190l), 30cm x 30cm x 30cm Cube, 1,5ft shrimp tank, 1ft shrimp tank, 2ft moss/shrimp tank, 2ft (90l) and then the breeding rack of 4 x 1ft and 8 x 1.5 ft tank with Endler x guppies line.

As I said it did bite hard and I'm definitely not searching for a cure. I will give you some idee of what I have in each tank and will ad some photo's as soon as I can.
The 4ft is a Rainbow centred tank with Boesimani, Kutubu and Redtail Rainbows with a few loaches (Clown, Polkadot, Khuli and Zebra) as well as a good herd of 13 Panda Corries.
The 3ft is the Panaques (L190) home consisting mostly out of drifftwood, but I'm trying to see if she will leave the plants allone thistime round. She shares the tank with a Whiptail catfish, some Panda and Triliniata Corries and a single Cocketoides.
TheCube houses the Psuedomugils (Gertrudai, Paskai and Signiffer) with some Cherry shrimp.
The 1ft shrimp tank has some Blue Yelly shrimp.
The 1.5ft shrimp tank has Blue Carbon Rilli shrimp.
The 2ft moss tank is my only patient tank I ever did, took me 2 years of not fiddling with it, to get it where it is today. Have some wild type Rainbow shrimp and a load of hair algae in there at the moment.
The last 2ft is home to a pair of Bristlense Ancistrus, Peppered Corries and Cherrie shrimp.
The only tanks that are not scaped are the ones on the breedingrack, although they have some moss in them.

I prefer to use wood, and lots of it, in my tanks. I tried working with rocks but I suck at it. I'm very impatient with plants that need to grow out, all tanks I will rate as low/med tech tanks with minimum maintenance.

Thanks for reading, will upload some foto's shortly.

Here is the promest photo's. Both these tanks have only been redone a week ago so please be gentle with the critique. The 3ft needs more light on the right hand side, and will be added soon. The 4ft has a 70W light over the centre which I have lowered in the mean time as well as ad 2 10W spotlights on the right hand side, where most of the plants are. Excuse the tea stained water but some new wood added with the rescaping.


And then just 2 foto's of the Blue Yellies and Rillis.

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Thanks @BettaBettas

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welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your tank!
Thanks @herns

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