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New Member: Black Algae?

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Hello everyone,

I have a 40 gallon (sort of) planted tank that i would like to work on and get looking really good. I have a problem, though. It's this fuzzy-like black algae. There's a picture of it (below). I've done some research and heard that it's basically the worst kind of algae and that no fish eat it. Is that true? I want to add more plants and get the tank really looking good, but this algae is killing the plants i already have. What can i do?! I do have room for a few more fish, if they will eat this algae.
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Thats the dreaded black brush algae, BBA, usually caused by having too little CO2 for the amount of light you have, or by not having the same CO2 concentration in the water every day when the lights are on. What tank do you have, what light, and do you use CO2?
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