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New Madagascar lace plant business

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Dear fellow plant enthusiasts,

I have started a licensed aquatic plant nursery specializing in the varieties of Madagascar lace plant, and I’m wondering what would be the best venue and best advertising to sell these plants, maybe build a healthy business. After two years of experimentation and breakthroughs, I have figured out how to germinate, plant and sustain a high percentage of healthy seedlings that come from vigorous, self-dividing parent plants (my breeding cows) which provide a steady yield of flowers. In these conditions everything is growing faster, and I’m not seeing dormancy in the two varieties I’ve had since the beginning. EBay and Amazon don’t look too promising, though I am just beginning to offer plants for sale. I’m sure that the big nurseries clone these, but I hope to earn a comfortable market share despite. What is the most effective way to retail these? At some point I may consider wholesale but not unless I grow on a considerably larger scale.

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