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New low-tech nano

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My new tank for my desk. Got a great deal on a used Aquaone Executive 25 and decided to have a nice low-tech tank sitting on my desk. No CO2 but considering getting some flourish excel if need be, but the plants I have are pretty hardy!

Tank: AquaOne Executive 25
Filter: Aquaone 100 - took out sponge and filled with filter floss
Heater: Marina submersible C17
Light: Aquaone 9WPL
Substrate: Fluval Ebi stratum
Picked up the rocks from someone's yard. Boiled them for a while and then put them in. I'll be checking water chem over the next few days to make sure they aren't leeching anything into the water.

Flora: Anubias growing on driftwood, mini amazon sword, java moss (tied on driftwood and a rock)
Fauna: Crowntail betta (Ernie)

Thinking of adding some RCS but am going to wait a while for the tank to mature and for me to be happy with the scape. I'll probably wait about another 2-3 weeks then re-assess.
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Good luck with the shrimp. More likely than not Earnie will be enjoying a high-protein meal.
Yeah we'll see, I'm going to start with only a few. But I've got several friends who've kept RCS and a betta without issue so I'm hopeful. Worst case scenario I'll transfer him to another tank and keep this one just for rcs
Good luck with the shrimp. More likely than not Earnie will be enjoying a high-protein meal.
Your misspelling of "Earnie" made my laugh since it's in his office! :icon_lol:
Nice tank! Your betta looks pretty. I think you should be fine without co2 or even Excel since you chose some low-light and low-maintenance plants. I had anubias, java fern, and java moss in my nano a while back and they grew wonderfully. Not sure about the java moss ... I think mine grew but I really couldn't tell.

Your shrimp's survival will depend on your betta. I've only had one betta who coexisted with my RCS. He wasn't aggressive in the least bit and while he did chase them every so often he gave up. Now, my current female, is super aggressive. She will even bully the poor nerite snails. I've had to separate them since she won't leave them alone. I just received some CRS and there is no way I'm putting them in there to die :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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