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New lighting system (to me) - AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS! HELP!

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Hi all, really looking for some advise here. I've done some searching and come up pretty well empty.

My fiancee's father is an avid orchid grower, and had some old aquarium lights that he wasn't using (said they were 4ft 4bulb fixtures) and asked us if we wanted them... so far, so good!

We received them a few days ago and promptly unpacked them to find that I have NO CLUE what they actually are. I say this becuase:

1) the brand appears to be "jalli a18" which brings up almost nothing.
2) the bulbs say T6 F55, they are actinic and 10k, so traditionally a saltwater fixture, alright no problem...
3) everything I can find about "jalli" fixtures is talking about "german style power compact bulbs"... which to my knowledge is the 4 pins inline on one end of a bulb type
4) these look like traditional t5's, they're straight, with two linear pins on either end.
5) Oh, and I'm really not sure (should have gotten out the tape measure) that it's actually a 48" fixture. I think they might be the 46.5" type...

So, any help on what these things actually are would be of GREAT assistance, on the bright side, it's got REALLY nice reflectors!
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I had some 48" (fixture) t5ho bulbs around, and went to try them, and the length is the same, so that part's good :)

Unfortunately the pins on the bulbs that I took out were WAY too wide. The duel pins of the t5ho fit easily between the pins of the other... so the confusion continues... I may just pull the ballasts and take a look at what I can re-wire...
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