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New light recommendation (LED or non-LED)

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Hi everyone…

It’s time I did some upgrades to my tank. I have a 30 gallon, community, planted tank. My 15 year old light/hood has a single T-8 bulb. My plants do surprising well but its definitely low light. The last time I looked at LED fixtures (2-3 years ago), they seemed to be very costly and I really couldn't get a feel for what I needed or what was recommended.

Since I need a new light now.. what would everyone recommend? Are LED’s the wave of the future or should I look for a very high quality non-LED? What Watts/gallon should I be looking for?

Thanks again..
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You can pretty much throw the watts per gallon rule out the window. You're better off looking at the PAR rating when it comes to LEDs which thankfully is becoming more and more common. It is dependent in the depth of your tank so obviously the deeper your tank then the less light is available. There are tons of fixtures out there but it does depend on your light requirements for your plants.

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I'll give a link to the PAR thing. WPG is only really applicable to those bulbs which were in use when it was thought up which are T12 and T8.
Is this a 30L tank or the regular tall one ?
A picture of the tank might help/w making any suggestions.
And you didn't mention if any ferts are in use. Plants can at times(and depending on which plants) get by without any added ferts as fish waste/food contributes to that somewhat. But more light will increase their need for the ferts. Something to
consider when making up your mind how high you want to go/w those new lights.
I have 30inch Finnex planted plus, I like it alot. I add DIY CO2 and have soil as substrate. I think planted plus or Fugeray might be good for you if you want to go LED route.
Hi everyone..

It's a 30 gallon long tank so it's roughly 19" deep. I currently have not been fertilizing my plants and have no CO2 systems. I'll check out some of the recommendations above.. thank you!!

I have a Planted + on my 29g. To me it's much better than the dual bulb T5HO light it replaced. Over the long run they cost much less to operate and maintain. Not only that, LEDs really shine (no pun) on lighting smaller tanks.
Hi all....

Is this the Planted+ fixture that you mention?

Some of the reviews I've read said I'd need two of these. Is this correct or would one be enough?

Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light Plus Moonlights, 48-Inch:Amazon:pet Supplies

That one. Just need to pick the size you need for your tank.

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