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hey guys
so i used to post here
now im back :)

im in germany atm living here for a year

im setting up a small planted tank and going high tech for the first time. i can finally afford it

atm ive got
the tank 30Lx35Hx30D
2x 11watt floru lights 6500K
aquaclear 30 filter
co2 sytem with solinoid is in the mail

as substrate im using fluval stratum
as regular fertilisation ill be using products from aqua rebel

here are photos of some of the scapes ive come up with




as a back ground i will be using this stuff

please let me know what you guys think!

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update time

i received my CO2 system from US AQUARISTIK today. yay
im gonna do a review on this, it'll only be a review on the product not its perfomance as well i havent seen it perform yet :p

so the packaging, its was very well packaged, full of cardboard,nothing could bounce around and break.
upon opening the box i found instruction manuals and my receipt.

further unpacking reveled that everything was intact.
the setup included

2kg cylinder
needle valve
diffuser from NUTRAFIN (i didnt use this as i had my own)
permanent CO2 set kit from JBL
2 meters of CO2 tubing
a wrench

the instructions included detailed explanation of what CO2 in an aquarium is and why its so important, an index of all the parts recieved and their use and a step by step guide to setting up the CO2 system.
these instructions were very clear (although they were in german, im unsure if the do enlgish) and easy to follow.
within about 20 minutes of picking up the manual i had a fully functioning CO2 system running. this was pretty cool as i have never set one up before.

im going to have to dial it in, having never done this before it may take some figuring out, luckily theres no live stock :p

so for never having owned a CO2 system this made a very good impression, it was simple and straight forward to setup, to me it didnt seem like anything was very cheap or breakable.

so the rate

packaging 1
condition upon arrival 1
instructions 1
quality 1
working condition 1

so 5/5 so far

when i can judge the performance accurately ill do another review.

this is the website for US AQUARISTIK

i definitely recommend this for beginners (so far).

plants are next on the list ill keep you guys up dated once i finally get an order in.

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so today i went shopping!
i bought

inline bubble counter from dernnele
long term CO2 test kit from dernnele (i had one from jbl but it was ugly)
CO2 proof check valve from JBL

yea my CO2 system should now hopefully be good to go!

its all looking very sexy.

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flippin finally got my plants! WWOOOOHHHOO

ill let photos do the talking

box oh plants :DDD


anubias petite

mosses, anubias and m trident attached

everything in



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got some fish today :)
5 otocinclus affinis

the lads

making quick work of the diatoms :bggrn:

2 aplyplatus annulatus


show-off male

somepearling taiwan moss

a different angle


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algae report:
diatoms is the only algae i have noticed.
i am combating this with a crew of otocinclus affinis, they are doing a great job, unfortunately they dont take it off the HCs lower leaves as visible in the photo.
im also doing a 50% water change every 2nd day.

MISC info:
also to be seen in the forground are zipties, these have been utilized to keep the carpet down. Stop floating, let roots establish.

i was worried about the epyplatus annulatus and the current. my fears have been disregaurded as unneccesary as they are fine. infact super active in all water columns.

Death toll report:
unfortunately the brother hood of the 5 Oto's has been cut down to 4.
i have been told that some otos die relatively quickly after being introduced. this must be the case as all other fish are still kicking.

so now for the FTS

and a nice photo of my female epyplatus annulatus


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took some plant pictures

s. repens
a fantastic looking plant :D

h.tripitita 'japan'

this stuff grows so quickly and invasively!
very pretty plant though
im sure its great for out competing algae to
look how its coming forward through the java fern

i got one pot of h.japan, now i have enough to fill 4 pots just a month later.

now a question
ive ot this weird stuff growing.
it looks like hair algae.
but its nowhere apart from the fissidens.
are they fissidens roots or is it algae?

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