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New Inline CO2 Diffuser from Cal Aqua Labs

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I just got an email from Cal Aqua Labs stating the new glass inline CO2 diffuser. What do you guys think of it?

Here is the link:
CAL AQUA LABS - CO2 Glassware
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something just doesn't sound right. I'd be afraid that if the filter was strong enough, the whole apparatus would pop off. There would also be more negative pressure against the gas (similar to a standard inline reactor). And I don't see cleaning the glass diffuser disk an easy task.
george, you'd be right if it were DIY Co2,
but with compressed Co2 the needle valve
will only let so many bubbles through even
with the minor amount of additional back
pressure or suction that gets through the
diffuser membrane back toward the tank.
actually, I see that the diffuser is embedded in the tube and water can flow around it...sheesh...I still think its a bad idea.
perhaps... the diagram does require a check value before your Co2 source.
but that could be as a precaution, not cause there is much water pressure.
This is a glass device, and it looks very good, so why would you want to hide it under the tank in a cabinet? If this were used out in the open it would look classy. But, for dissolving CO2 into the water a standard Rex style reactor would be superior. For a CO2 mist system I would put it in the tank, again where it could be seen and be admired. All in all, this seems to be a solution in search of a problem.
When are one of these companies going to come up with a nice glass diffuser/drop-checker in one? Now THAT I would pay $60 for....
When are one of these companies going to come up with a nice glass diffuser/drop-checker in one? Now THAT I would pay $60 for....
Dunno if that will happen sincei ti wouldnt be very represnetative of tank condions...that is if its inline. If it was in tank it might work assuming the output isnt skewing the reading too much

The cal aqua is a nice design though maintainence is gonna be a pain
You soak in bleach to clean it, but since it's not in the tank, no algae gets on it, just bacterial films.

I think it's good for smaller tanks using cansiters of powerheads etc, for larger tanks, may as well use a Venturi.

I'm trying one of these out.
The point is to provide a fine mist of CO2 to the outflow, not to entirely dissolve every bit of gas.

Why have a diffuser in the tank when you can have it in line?
Same arguement as an external vs and internal CO2 reactor right?

The amount of backpressure would be fairly low also.
The disc and a check valve would be easy to resolve.

Getting the hoses over the ends might be the toughest issue with this.

But it should work fine and is an interesting hybrid.
I have smaller 120gph canister that a venturi is not appropriate, so this is a nice alternative vs an ADA pollen glass etc which is more$$.

Tom Barr

om Barr
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I don't think you would get a mist with one of these. Injecting very fine bubbles into a moving restricted column of water is going to dissolve the CO2 pretty quickly.
I actually think the toughest thing is going to be getting the hoses off without breaking it. It seems like a godd idea though.
tom, could you post a review after you give it a good run through?

I already have their glassware for my 20g (intake/return) and i am at a crossroads as to what to do about co2 diffusion. Right now i picked up some limestone airstones. But i have a feeling i will be dissappointed.
i just saw this too and the idea sounds really good with only its fragile glass being a possible problem when maintenance time comes.

i think i might try one too cause im itching to get the intake/outflow pipes.
That will be my next purchase.
Looks good except that its made out of glass. If it were acrylic or poly carb I'd be all over it. But glass.. disaster waiting to happen IMO.
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