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New in forum, I need help with salty shrimp gh/kh+

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Hello everyone,

I’m new in the aquarium hobby and I need help with my shrimp tank.

for some stupid reasons I ended moving all my cherry, blue velvet and amano shrimps to a emergency tank.

I read a lot of good stuff about Shrimp mineral and I just got it.
To be honest I never used Shrimp Mineral Gh/Kh+ before.
I use a TDS meter to mix tap water with RO water in order to get the parameter I want. My problem is that a lot of my shrimp are drying and I want to stop that.

I need help asking:
how I can do the transition from tap/RO water to RO water with shrimp mineral?

I need to do a water change this weekend to the emergency tank and I want to use the shrimp minerals. But, I don’t want to just add the water to the emergency tank and mess up all the parameter and kill all my shrimps.
How I can safely add the water to the tank?
Thank you for all the help.
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Stupid question here:

Anyone here knows if the Shrimp Minerals Gh/Kh+ is good to use for fish tanks?
It is and has all the right stuff for remineralizing ro or very soft water. Depending on how many gallons you’re treating you may consider just buying the individual ingredients and dosing those yourself. Much cheaper that way but if in a smaller tank no worries.

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