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New in forum, I need help with salty shrimp gh/kh+

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Hello everyone,

I’m new in the aquarium hobby and I need help with my shrimp tank.

for some stupid reasons I ended moving all my cherry, blue velvet and amano shrimps to a emergency tank.

I read a lot of good stuff about Shrimp mineral and I just got it.
To be honest I never used Shrimp Mineral Gh/Kh+ before.
I use a TDS meter to mix tap water with RO water in order to get the parameter I want. My problem is that a lot of my shrimp are drying and I want to stop that.

I need help asking:
how I can do the transition from tap/RO water to RO water with shrimp mineral?

I need to do a water change this weekend to the emergency tank and I want to use the shrimp minerals. But, I don’t want to just add the water to the emergency tank and mess up all the parameter and kill all my shrimps.
How I can safely add the water to the tank?
Thank you for all the help.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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