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New home, new water. How am I looking?

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Hey guys,

I moved into a new place with the Girlfriend. Got around to testing the water today. ive been out of the hobby for a little while, I kinda forget what is good and what the fish im aiming to keep need.

I really havent decided which way I want to go with this new tank, either a nice hightech tank with a large school of ember tetras and Crystal Red Shrimp, or a low tech tank, with Discus. I would like to be able to just use tap water to keep whatever I end up going with, I think that might be hopeful thinking tho...

In either case, the determining fish is going to be the Discus or the Crystal Red Shrimp.

So, my Tap is:

Ammonia: 0
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0
So far so good
GH: 140ppm or 8° <this is what scares me
PH 7.6
Chlorine: 0

With this water, could I keep either discus or Crystal Red Shrimp?

Thanks guys!

for the curious among you, here is the reveal trailer for my new tank, give it a watch if you want!
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In my opinion, I think dGH is too high for CRS. With tap only, you'll end up even higher than that over time as you try to account for evaporation. I fear they'll not be able to fully escape their shell when molting :(

For discus, while they do prefer softer water, they survive just fine in somewhat harder water like yours.

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GH 8 would be fine to start with for crystals, but as mentioned it will harden over time with top offs. Also your pH is a bit high for them. Maybe cherries would be a better call.
Rather than guess, I might float around some of the local shops and ask them what feels right in the local water. then I would look at changing up the livestock choice if neither of those are right. I find fighting nature is not my cuppa and it works much easier for me to find one of the thousands of other choice s that might better fit my tap water.
Your water is pretty much mid range so I would look for mid range livestock and if totally bored with the common ones everybody has, I would look for some of the oddballs that fit the water better.
But then choosing fish is full of as manner hazards as choosing girlfriends. We each need to figure out what we want/need? Some are worth the effort and some are not.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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