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Hello everyone on plantedtank, I'm John I'm new here and pretty new to the aquarium/fish keeping hobby.

I just wanted to introduce myself properly before I had an emergency in a tank and had to find answers fast, :)

Let me know what you think of my tank, pics coming soon.
(opinions on stocking are very welcome)
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Hello John! Welcome to TPT! This is a great site for someone like you, there are lots of people in this forum that really know what they are talking about. This is also one of the best places to plants on the Internet.

So what size aquariums do you keep? I currently have a 55 non-planted with a red devil cichlid, two 30 planted and a 75 planted community tank. Can't wait to see those pictures once you get then posted!

At the moment I'm running what I think qualifies as a low tech 20G long
and 2 mini tanks 2.2G and 1.1G.

The 20G long has 7 Long/Large fin Blue zebra danios, 3 female fancy guppies and 9 Glass/Ghost/Amano Shrimp.
The only plants are a few strands of hornwort, As I was told it's an easy, low light plant. oh and it's light beach sand with mini pebbles and very old very empty snail shells.

The 2.2G is currently my fry tank, For guppies only, and the 1.1G is currently housing a single male Snakeskin fancy guppy.

Basic HOB for the 20G long

undergravel for the 2.2G and airstones in all 3 tanks because the fish truly seem to like it.
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Welcome to TPT. You find the right place for your hobby.

Fairly well into the hobby, but happy about where I'm at.

LFS is in decline, but younger staff is there for the rescue on my end for fish, and replacement of ill/disease carriers from the distributor.

And I forgot to mention I'm currently working on setting up a 29G tank for any new acquisitions mostly thinking a community tank for guppies.

It's nice that people actually take the time to say hello here.

Hope to hear from more of you in the future.
Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the welcome Yukon.
Welcome! Lots of great people and advice here :)

I've found dozens of interesting topics in less than a few weeks here.

Maybe some of you could hit my Crazy build Idea thread in the low tech forum, trying to get a large volume of opinions, so I know how far off I am.
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