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New here. Started a 10g

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Hello everyone!

I just recently started to get into the planted tank/aquarium hobby and I am loving it. I find myself staring at it for 5 hours straight sometimes. I'm not new to plants but am new to aquatic plants, they seem easier. Anyways here's a list of the species that are in my 10g.

I started the tank on 2-27 of this year. Bought most of my plants from Petsmart.

dwarf hair grass
Marino moss ball
Anubias afzelii
amazon sword
Staurogyne repens
Cyperus helferi
Penny wort


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Sigh.. Don't know why my picture is sideways.. Using iPad to upload.


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nice driftwood!

Get yourself a test kit and start tracking your water if you haven't already.

What find of fish re you going to put in there?

(Top of that water)
Beautiful piece of driftwood! Have to say that the tank looks a bit on the dark side to me, but I could easily be wrong. I kind of go on the bright side anyway.

I have been keeping a log of test results since I started my tank. I use a lab book.
Thanks guys. I added a school of neons and some ghost shrimp in there, everything's going nicely so far. Looking for some moss locally, all I can find is Marimo.

As far as it being dark I kinda enjoy it. It's only been three weeks and it's getting hard to see anything haha.


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Looking good so far, I personally love black gravel and backgrounds, really makes you pay attention to the actual contents more.

Can't wait to see all the plants grown and filled in!!
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