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New here, but enthusiastic!

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Howdy folks! I am new to the world of aquaria in general, and planted tanks in specific, but I'm having a heck of a good time with it so far. After a disaster born of really not knowing what I was doing killed off everything in my 5 gal a year or so ago, after more or less successfully keeping it for two years prior, I've gotten back into the swing of things over the last few months with a great deal more success. Live plants renewed my interest in the hobby and are now my favorite part of fish-keeping. Finally, a plant I can't forget to water!

I have a 5 gal and as of last week a 29 gal (which is empty, alas, save for a handful of plants). I'm aiming for a low tech setup, because I'm lazy and cheap, and so far my 5 has been doing pretty well with it. I have a mystery crypt in there that I took out yesterday because the filter kept uncovering the roots, and because it looked like it was two plants and not the one I thought it was..... it turned out to be ten. Eleven if we count the baby leaf with a root on it, which I of course planted. So I'm satisfied with the growth to say the least. I put the bulk of these in my new tank. Also pictured in the larger tank is my mystery sword (I'm bad at keeping the placards with their names), which I removed from the 5 because it's too big and was very sad in there.

There's not much to look at at the moment, because everything is all scraggly still and needs time to grow, but pics attached. Pardon the state of the 29. It's still very much a work in progress.

I'm really looking forward to getting a lot out of my time here, and giving back when I can, how I can. :D


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