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This tap a talk thing is new to me, i already posted this in the wrong place!!!

So here i go again. ..... After an absence of 10 years or so from the hobby, she who must be obeyed has given permission to bring our old 100 litre terrapin tank back to life.I have, as most of us do, had a good old read up and jumped in feet first, and this forum is a mine of useful information.Sooo. The setup so far...The java fern is reasonably mature, all other planting is just a couple of days old.The pleco has been rehomed, and livestock is now 12 cardinals, 6 glowlights and a couple of leopard cory's with 5 shrimp (cherry variants)I have opted for eco complete as the substrate, with a jebao 503 external filter (750 l/phr).Lighting, well that was a minefield! Space above is limited so i have 2 x 15w aquarglow tubes alongside a 26w aqua one plantglo led unit (60cm)No co2 injection. ...... for now!, as i am going with the advice from my lfs and just dosing with easy - life easycarbo and profito.This is week 1 of planting, so i shall endeavour to create a regular record to see how things progress 😊

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