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So it's been quite a few years since I have had a aquarium and I have always loved them. I Started out many years ago like most people with a small tropical tank, evolved all the way up to me custom building a 240G saltwater reef tank into a wall in my basement, with an equipment room behind it. Anyways sold that house and moved a few years ago and haven't had the time to set a new one up but I think now is the time.

I have never had a live planted tank and wanted to give it a go this time. I'm planning on getting a 75 gallon and running 375gph canister filter and 2 300w heaters.

So far I think I'm going with Fluval stratum substrate about 3 inches thick and a piece or 2 of driftwood and some rocks for aquascaping.

Where we live we have hard water so plant selection will have to be tailored that way. I loved my african cichlids when I had them, so I'm going to try and have some Rams or Apistos in this tank as the main attractions with some other planted safe tropicals and a few small cats and a bristlenose pleco for cleaners.

Any recommendations on a light setup? I don't really want to go crazy at the begining, some beginner plants that don't require a ton of light or running CO2 or anything like that.
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