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New Guy Needs Help

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People have been amazingly helpful in the Fish section to help get me on the right path. I am looking to do a cold water stream tank including some White Cloud Minnows, Banded Darters and Hillstream Loaches. Water temp is going to be around room temperature with decent current.

What are some good plants for this tank? I know I'll be limited, but anything that can pull water/waste from the water would be great! I'd love to have a mix of plants and algae if possible.

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Room temperature = 25 degrees celsius? If so, you could probably go with any plant you want hahaha. If you want something fast growing to use up waste floating plants are usually the best. Something like Amazon Frogbit.

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All but those require decent light and co2 should be fine. Example, all crypt, anubias, fern etc.

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