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New guy here

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Hey everyone, New guy from Iowa here. Been looking around a lot and reading and decided to finally start asking questions and getting some info and maybe getting this tank looking a whole lot better. Everyone loves pics, so here it is.

I hope to talk to you guys soon and have a great day.
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I think the tank is a 55, I got it second hand. Stand, tank, filter, and light were all $50 from someone going off to college. If I remember right the tank is about 21 high, 48 wide and 10 deep. does that sound right?
Whats the best way to clean up the alge along the substrate? I have one of the magnet cleaners, and a sponge/scraper on a stick, but it seems to mess it up a lot, what do you guys normally do?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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