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New Growth on Java Fern Dying?

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I recently picked up a few java ferns from my LFS and within two weeks the plants started developing new growths at the tips of their leaves. Now this new growth appears to be dying. The leaves grew about an inch then started turning darker at the tips as if the tissue was dying. Anyone have any thoughts on why this is occurring?
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How big is your tank?
What kind of substrate are you using?
Do you have Co2 in it? Are you dosing any kind of fertilizer?
My tank is 29 gallons. Right now I have regular gravel (bag of fluorite is in the mail) but my ferns are not in the substrate they are attached to drift wood. I am currently using those dissolving Co2 tablets that have the trace elements in them. I was under the impression that java ferns were undemanding but maybe this is not the case.
I have 68 watts total...T8 20w x 1 and HO T5 24w x 2
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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