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New growth is white?!

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I have a 17 gallon, with just normal sand substrate, an aqua Z pro-LED light (UP-Aqua Pro LED Light Z Series 60cm - Z-Aquatics). Ammonia and nitrites are 0, nitrates about 5-10ppm. The tanks is about two years old and cycled, but I've only added plants about one week or so ago. I have java fern, java moss, hornwort, hydrilla, stricta, pelia, guppy grass, amazon swords, valisneria, duckweed and a marimo moss ball (seems like a lot now that i write it all out, but my supplier gave me a bunch of free samples :)).

As far and growth it seems like the plants are doing well. But the new growth is very pale yellow and in the case of the hydrilla its white! Am I so bad that I can't even get weeds to grow properly? haha

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Loving the rimless tank :)

Are you adding any fertilizers? Usually white growth like that is due to an iron deficiency. With the amount of plants you have, you will need to add some nutrients for them.

I personally use nilocg's fertilizers (, but I've heard green leaf aquariums and a few others have good pricing as well. Dry fertilizers will be the least expensive long term, but you'll probably want to mix it with RO / distilled water to make it easier to dose.

Check out the stickies in the water parameters / fertilizers section on here ;)
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