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Stacked ADA 60P tank setup with GLA PRO-SS 2-Stage CO2 system, all BRAND NEW in box, never been used. This is literally everything one would need to setup and maintain a sick 60P planted tank setup. I purchased all of these items for a project that never happened. Well over 2k in items here, the GLA CO2 setup was $800 alone.

$1000 firm to take the whole lot. Pickup in North Austin only.

ADA 60P Rimless – 17 Gallon
ADA Garden Mat 60P
Green Leaf Aquariums GLA PRO-SS CO2 2-Stage System w/ LED Solenoid and 10LB CO2 Cylinder (tubing, fittings, setup manuals, all included)
TwinStar 600E LED Light
Eheim Classic 350
Eheim Skim 350
Hydor 200W Inline Heater
Coralife Turbo Twist 3x UV Sterilizer
TwinStar-II M5
Shiruba Quick Release Double Tap Valves – 13mm
Cal Aqua Labs Efflux H2, Glass Outflow Pipe – 13mm
Cal Aqua Labs Influx X3, Glass Inflow Pipe – 17mm
Cal Aqua Labs Pearl Drop Checker
(2) Atomic CO2 Diffuser - Inline - 12/16mm

GLA Pinsettes L 270mm
GLA Pro-Pinsettes M Curve 250mm
GLA Pro-Scissor Spring 160mm Curve
GLA Pro-Scissor Wave 200mm (Tungsten Carbide)
GLA Sand Flattener 270mm
GLA Pro Razor 400mm
ADA Spring Washer Size Small (For cleaning glass inflow/outflow pipes)
Cal Aqua Labs Indicator Refill Solution 60 ml

ADA 18L (2x 9L Bags) ADA Aqua Soil – Amazonia
ADA 2L Power Sand
ADA Bacter 100 - 100g
ADA Green Bacter – 50ml
ADA Clear Super - 50g
ADA ECA – 50ml
ADA Phyton Git – 50ml
ADA Brighty K – 500ml
ADA Green Brighty Step 1 – 500ml
ADA Green Brighty Step 2 – 500ml
ADA Green Brighty Special Lights – 500ml
ADA Black Water – 250ml
Microbe Lift Nite Out II – 236ml
GLA GH Booster
GLA Miller Microplex

API GH & KH Test Kit
API Ammonia Test Kit
API Nitrite Test Kit
(2) API Nitrate Test Kit

IKEA BESTA White Hutch

**Only two items NOT shown in the image is the ADA Amazonia soil and the Front Panel for the hutch.


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