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We received a new shipment today!

Here is what we have in stock at World Wide Fish and Pets

Freshwater Fish:

Humphead Ciclid [Cyphatilapia Frontosa]
White Spotted Ciclid [Tropheus Duboisi]
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Ciclid [Archocentrus Octofaciatus]
Agassiz Dwarf Cichlid [Apiostograma Agassizii]
Pandurini Drawf Cichlid [Apistograma Pandourini]
Nanakara Dwarf Cichlid [Apistograma sp.]
Uaru [Uaru Amphiacanthoides]
Corydoras Panda [Corydoras Panda]
Corydoras Sterbai [Corydoras Sterbai]
Endicheri [Polypterus Endicheri]
Silver Arowana [Osteoglossum Bichirrhosum]
Baby Dolphin Elephant [Mormyrus Longirosteris]
Tiger Shovelnose Catfish [Pseudoplatysoma Fasciatum]
Synodontis Valeriana [Synodontis Valeriana]
Rose Line Barb [Puntius Deniosorill]
Congo Tetra Mix [Phenacogrammus Interruptus]
Cardinal Tetra [Paracheirodon Anelrodi]
Celebes Rainbow [Telmatherina Ladigasi]
Synodantis Decorus [Synodantis Decorus]
Red Rainbow [Glossolepis incisus]
Threadfin Rainbow [Iriatherina werneri]
Albino Red Eye Angel [Pterophyllum Scalure]
Aligator [Lepisostmus Oculatus]
Blue Pinoy Angel [Pterophyllum Scalure]
Blue Mini Mexican Crayfish [Cambarellus Diminutus]
Millenium Snail/Yellow Horn Snail [Nerritina sp.]

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I want to add my recommendation that anyone in the new haven county area or even in CT go visit this shop. I stopped by today and I was really impressed with all the rare species for sale here. There were 3-4 species of apistos (several pairs each) including one I haven't seen before for sale. The plant selection is good, and there are even proper plant substrates for sale along with cherry and crystal red shrimp. Very reasonable prices and the fish were in good health.

Finally southern CT has a good freshwater specialty shop!

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