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Hello all, I'm a long time lurker, finally decided to sign up. I'd been mostly admiring the low- & no-tech nano tanks.

Back when I was a kid, we had a small aquarium in the living room. It was probably a 10-20gal, bright colored gravel, can't really remember which fish except for neon tetras. I also remember my dad stomping a cockroach scurrying across the living room, only to realize (after the fact) that it was one of our crabs.

Fast forward a few decades later, I wanted to get back into the game. I think I picked up the 29gal kit and a few easy community fish. Then like probably everyone here, I was hooked and ended up with a couple 10g, a 20g, a couple 40b, purchasing them either from $1 per tank sales or Craigslist.

In 2013, I ended up finding a 75g setup on CL. The stand was one of those basic iron stands. I brought that home, made a nice stand out of 2x4's and plywood, bought ~80lbs of rock, and filled it with mbuna cichlids. That was a nice, colorful tank, but something was missing. Despite all the colors, the fish were all "fish shaped." They all looked and acted the same, there were no inverts or anything else in there.

Maybe 2014 I found a 90g saltwater setup on CL, and maybe 10 minutes away. Up until this point I only had freshwater. But I was very intrigued by amazing sea life. The fish are colorful of course, and they all behave/swim differently, the variety of inverts is so vast, the corals, etc. Before this, all tanks I had bought were empty. I did a ton of reading on forums about how to transport live rock, fish, etc. Somehow we did it. Didn't lose any fish, and took a water sample to the LFS and the numbers looked good, so I don't think there was a major die-off of microorganisms.

I eventually got rid of all the tanks and fish except for the saltwater 90g setup. Actually I bought the Marineland Portrait 5g a couple months ago, that one will eventually house a betta.

The 90g is on the DIY stand I previously made for the 75g, since the 90g and 75g share the same footprint. For some reason, we are over it. It has survived another move to a new house, but I stopped buying fish and corals. Whenever a fish dies, I don't replace it. We are now down to a clownfish and a mandarin dragonet, chillin' in a 90g tank. I am considering selling the fish and rocks, and converting it over to a planted freshwater tank.

The 90g has a corner overflow. The lights are plenty bright and are supposedly fresh or saltwater. It's only missing CO2. Without having done much research about CO2, I don't want to go that route, I want to keep things nice 'n easy. I would only go for hardy plants and fish, not trying to do anything too exotic. I've been trying to get inspiration from South American Amazon river biotopes, some beautiful examples on here with stylish driftwood, some with barbs/tetras/angelfish. Not sure what I would get yet.

Anyway, that was an incredibly long post. If I get motivated to try and sell live rock and convert back to freshwater, I'll be posting plenty of questions. In the meantime, I'll keep browsing the setups and builds on here. Thanks all!
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