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New Fluval Stratum Substrate?

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Anyone seen this new substrate?

Wondering if it anyone has plans on buying it.
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I think it's similar to ADA Aquasoil, but when you compare prices/weight, it's cheaper to buy ADA.
For shrimp it's great, I put four CBS in there (S grade) and found four molts in the period of a week or two.

For plants I don't know, the plants seem fine but it's a shrimp tank and I don't have co2 (yet). Nothing's dying from transition which is always a plus.
I use it. Its awesome. I had some plants that were dying while in a holding tank (read: bucket) for over two weeks. Planted them in this substrate and with good light and Co2 they bounced back immediately. Excellent root growth...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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