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New Fluorescent Bulb, Which One?

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I am about ready to replace my bulb on my 72G. It's low tech, low light plants that have been doing fine with the existing full spectrum GE Aqua Ray 9325K, 48" T-12, 40 watts. I don't want fast growth, algae or to buy new lighting. I would like to know if there's a bit of a better bulb than what I'm using while keeping the plants growing and the colors of the fish good (blues, reds, yellow and orange/white fish mostly). I don't want the tank to look yellowish. Tried a different bulb once it seemed to make the tank appear darker! There's a Philips Aqua Relle at 10000K natural light. And a18000K Aqua gLO. And an Aqua Sun, 10000K blend of tri-brand phosphors (?). Can anyone give me information and advice? I'd like to place the order tonight.

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