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New fish problems

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So my tank has been good for months with no problems at all, then I wake up this morning and it was chaos. Apparently some time last night the tube on my filter that sucks the water up fell off and 3 of my fish swam in and got caught an were killed including my favorite fish :(. So they were stuck in the filter all night long and I think they did some damage to my water. My female swordtail has a fat belly and just sits in the back of the tank. My sunburst platy looks to have a fat belly as well and either sits at the bottom or floats at the top. And my bettas belly seems to be a little swollen too but looks to be in better shape than the others. Don't know if it has something to do with the dead fish polluting the water or if it's a separate issue. Iam going to get my water checked in a bit. Any advice would be helpful.
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... how does a intake filter fall off? Man don't let that happen again - make sure it's secure or get a new filter. Make sure you do like 20-40% water changes every day if you think this is the issue
Ditto: Big water change to remove ammonia and other things from the water. Clean the filter, taking it apart and lightly scrubbing the impeller and anywhere else the fish contacted.

I am not sure if any symptoms you are seeing are from the sudden rise in ammonia from the dead fish, though. That does not happen the instant they die, but builds up over several hours to a day.
Looking sort of swollen is not a common reaction to ammonia. Ammonia burns the gills, so the fish have a hard time breathing. They will usually swim close to the surface and take in air through their mouths. Lethargy, hanging out at the bottom could be related.
Good news, did a big water change and everybody seems good
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