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New fish/pet store in downtown Hillsboro

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So I've been going to this small pet store in downtown Hillsboro lately, Pacific Pets, and while they are pretty small I really like their fish. :icon_surp
They've got a fish room in there with maybe twenty tanks, and while they have common fish like neon tetras, they also get some "odder" fish, at least for a pet store (I know they had dwarf puffers a few months back, some clown killifish, they had some Fundolopanchax killifish species in there like last week). Fish tend to be pretty healthy and the tanks are clean, and the prices are pretty fair, IMO. If they don't have a fish you want there you can always ask for them to order it (I'm getting ember tetras and pumpkin bettas this week!). They can also order supplies. They also have a resident fish expert, Josh, that you can always ask for help.
In short, pretty great LFS. While they maybe don't have as rare as stock as, say, the Wet Spot, it beats the long drive to Portland for most of my fish needs.
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