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Singapore order got canceled last weekend, so not much new this week. But here's a few interesting items, with more to come next week:

Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) $5.00 ea.
These are not captive bred blue rams, or electric blues, or balloon rams, or German blues. These are WILD blue rams....rams as nature intended them to be. They don't get any better than this! Neat!

Hansen's Tetra (Hasemania hanseni): $4.00 ea.
A fish from Brasil that you don't see too often. Reaches about 1.5” in length. Becomes much more colorful than the pic shows.

Chinese Pencilfish (Pseudorasbora elongata ) $40.00 ea
This neat-looking fish from China is not a true pencilfish, although it looks like one on steroids. Eating frozen bloodworms.

Red Flash (Sarcocheilichthys parvus ): $35.00 ea
From China. I've got six of these in my own tank, and would recommend them to just about anyone. I have them mixed in with Barbus fasciolatus and Nannostomus nitidus and, so far, no problems. A fairly active fish. Not a fussy feeder.

Chinese Redtail Lampeye (Oryzias sp.): 6/ $20.00
A neat little ricefish out of China. A good community fish.
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