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I recently upgraded my fantail goldfish to a new 40gal breeder and got a second calico oranda fantail to keep him company.

I moved the HOB filter from the old aquarium to the new one, placed a second HOB (aquaclear 50) on the new tank, and moved him in a few hours later. I have a second aquaclear 50 that I've installed in the old tank, however, I want to swap it with the old filter eventually. I checked water parameters daily for the first few days--neither tank developed any ammonia or nitrite, and the new tank started to show nitrates after a few days. The old tank has a TON of neocaridina davidi so there is still some bioload in that aquarium.

I'm planning on waiting at least two weeks before I swap the old filter back, but once I do, I want to add some small schooling fish to the 10 gallon!

Does anyone have any recommendations on how long I should wait?
Also, I'm leaning towards chili rasboras for the 10 gallon, maybe 10-15. Any other good suggestions? I definitely want the shrimp to remain active!

Edit: I'm now thinking of getting 10 celestial pearl danios instead...
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